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Best Pool Care Treatment in Burbank

Every pool is the center of any backyard. When your pool or spa is looking anything else than an oasis, Always Perfect Pool and Spa provides the best pool care in the greater Burbank area. We recommend an acid wash treatment to remove unsightly stains and buildup.

Buildup of algae, calcium deposits, and old stains can prove stubborn and requires a true pool expert to perform an intensive acid wash treatment. Since this procedure requires hazardous chemicals and materials, we take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the pool is treated properly.

What is An Acid Wash Pool Treatment?

An acid wash pool treatment begins with draining the water from your pool, which allows us to target the difficult-to-reach, problem areas more accurately versus routine pool cleaning. The acid solution used actually removes a superficial layer of the pool’s plaster surface to get rid of pesky stains and deposits. Our acid wash treatment brings your pool back to its original glory—redeeming its once forgotten oasis status. No matter what, we strongly recommend that you keep a regular maintenance routine with Always Perfect Pools to avoid the need for major treatments to remove long-term build up. Contact Always Perfect Pool and Spa today for a free estimate. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on our expertise to make sure your pool and spa are always perfect.